FLAP – Foreign Language Adventure Program

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Are you ready to join us and have the best summer ever? Our FLAP is the perfect program to learn a new language and experience a unique summer adventure.


At BLI, learning is more than just in class. Join multicultural classes with excellent teachers who make learning fun and interactive. Topics are carefully picked to keep you engaged and motivated. By the end, you'll feel confident in your language skills and achieve your goals with a smile!


Live in a city where they speak the language you're learning for real-life practice! You'll get a true immersion, hearing the natural language and experiencing French/English culture in Canada. . Learning outside the classroom is easy with history, culture, and friendly locals all around you.


Connect with students from around the world and make amazing friends while practicing English/French! The Activity Program is super fun and you'll create lifelong memories together. Language learning has never been so enjoyable and fun! You will create memories to cherish forever.


Live the language you're learning through our awesome Activity Program! Explore beautiful Canadian cities and practice English/French in real life with classmates and leaders. With tons of activities and tours, you'll never be bored - ski in winter, music festivals in summer. At BLI, learning is living and loving!

FLAP Residence Experience

Living in a residence allows you to connect with other international students. The residence includes 24/7 supervision, a swimming pool, a gym, and laundry services to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

FLAP Homestay Experience

Our homestay program is a fantastic way to experience the local culture while enjoying comfortable and safe accommodations. Immerse yourself in the daily life of a local family, learn their customs, and make new friends.


Our day camp offers a fun and interactive environment that encourages language acquisition for language learners through a variety of exciting activities. It is a great opportunity to enhance language skills while having a good time.


Experience a family adventure at our camp where parents can participate in our adult programs, while their kids are at our summer camp. Our program offers a unique opportunity for the whole family to learn and have fun together.

Unlock your potential in English or French with our outstanding cultural and language immersion programs.

Our Montreal and Quebec Flap Programs offer an excellent opportunity for children, teenagers, and families to establish a solid foundation in language learning. Whether you choose to participate in our adventure-filled camps or require support transitioning into high school, we’ve got you covered. Our programs are specifically designed for youth and families, and provide a platform to learn English or French while developing critical global skills.

BLI guarantees the absolute best quality in the programs we offer. Our classes are led by experienced, professional, and certified instructors who are passionate about helping students reach their full potential.

With our dynamic and interactive curriculum, we strive to make learning not only informative, but also exciting and engaging. We pride ourselves on catering to the unique needs and interests of teenagers, with carefully crafted lessons that are both age-appropriate and thought-provoking.

Our small class sizes, capped at a maximum of 18 students per class, ensure that every student receives personalized attention from our dedicated instructors. And with convenient locations in both the heart of Montreal and our nearby annex, transportation is never an issue.

Our workshops are designed to foster linguistic autonomy, flexibility, and ultimately, results. Through collaborative projects and presentations, our students are challenged to push themselves and take ownership of their language learning. With BLI, you’re not just signing up for a class – you’re embarking on a journey towards a brighter future


Enjoy The Best Experience

BLI FLAP Summer & Winter camp programs offer a fantastic experience abroad combining English and French learning with a variety of exciting activities in a safe and caring environment. 

Our goal goes beyond teaching English and French. We aim to give our students the opportunity to expand their horizons by making new friends from all over the world.

What distinguishes us

The FLAP Difference

When you register with us for our summer or winter camp, you can relax and leave everything to us! From arranging your accommodation to providing meals and organizing a full schedule of exciting activities, our team is dedicated to making your time with us the best it can be.


Our admissions experts are waiting to answer all your questions and help you book your spot in our awesome camp! We take care of everything so when you arrive, you will be ready for an unforgettable experience filled with fun, friends, and learning!​

Our Gallery

Moments Captured

Check out these amazing memories we’ve captured and get a taste of what’s waiting for you at our summer camp. Let’s go!

4500+ Happy FLAP campers

"Hi, my name is Sofia, and I'm 18 years old. I have been here for eight weeks and two months, and I'm from Mexico City. The thing I have liked the most is meeting so many people. I have made many friends from all over the world. I also love that we do activities every day. The ones I like the most were crafting and rock climbing because I challenged myself to do something I had never done before. I had so much fun with my friends, and it was really enjoyable. I also love Montpellier. It is a beautiful city, and I came here to learn French. I have learned a lot during these two months, and I hope to come back one day so I can see my friends and leaders again, who have always been really nice to me. Thank you."

Sofia Seade
Sofia Seade


"Hello, my name is Daniel, and I'm 15 years old. I have been here for about six weeks to learn English and French. I come from Germany. My best experience so far was probably the Niagara Falls because I really enjoyed visiting them. I also liked the Ottawa trip. Both trips were really great during this year, and the food was fantastic. We also went to restaurants sometimes, and everyone tried new things. I particularly enjoyed the afternoon activities and weekend tours. My favorite weekend tour was probably the Niagara tour where we went to Toronto and visited the Niagara Falls. We did many activities there, including visiting the CN Tower in Toronto. I made a lot of friends during this tour, and it was an enjoyable experience."



"Hi, my name is Juan José, and I'm 15 years old. I come from Colombia, and I've been here for three weeks. My experience at BLi has been good. We have done many activities that I've enjoyed, such as visiting Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Six Flags. Additionally, I have learned a lot of English at school, and I believe that I have improved my level. I plan to come back to Montreal to repeat some of these activities and to see my friends again. Moreover, I would like to explore and visit different places in Canada for the first time. Thank you."

Michael León
Michael León



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